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Turtle Shelter Project vests are the perfect service project / volunteer activity for groups of all sizes and types.  From an individual or family to hundreds of participants at corporate events or conferences, participants will be part of making vests to help save the lives of people in need.  It takes 9 volunteers hours to make a vest, so we need your help!

We can plan your event for the skill levels of your volunteers, and when we say that EVERY person can help, we mean it!  We will meet you and your volunteers at your level of skill, time and space.

We provide all of the written and video instructions and materials - you provide the space and volunteers!  After your group has completed their tasks, simply send the partially completed vests back to us for expert sewing, and then we will send them back to you or to a location you specify.  

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We don't ever want cost to be a barrier for anyone who wants to help!  Our suggested donation per person for a volunteer event is $10 - $30, but scholarships are available, and if time is what you have to give and not money, we can accommodate that.  If you or your organization is able to give more, know that 100% of your gift goes directly to vest production to help save lives and provide opportunities for others to serve.


Please fill out the form below and tell us about your event idea so that we can provide options for you and your group.  We will need to know:

  • What date you would like to schedule (For large groups 1-3 months advance notice is preferred to give us time to order materials. However, send us your request and we will work with you.)

  • Where your event will be held

  • About how many people will attend (we can accommodate a few or a lot)

  • How many have basic sewing skills (can sew a straight stitch)

  • How many have advanced sewing skills

  • How many sewing machines your group can bring

  • How many sergers your group can bring

  • Whether you will provide any donations to help with purchasing materials (Some groups can donate time and some can donate money. Both are appreciated and needed!!!)

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